PE Packaging used in the Beauty Industry

PE Packaging used in the Beauty Industry

PE Packaging used in the Beauty Industry

PE packaging is widely used in the business operations of enterprises, especially in the beauty industry. Here are 3 types of very convenient PE packaging products that are essential for store owners, spas, and more.

PE packaging commonly used in the beauty industry

Product images of packaging used in the beauty industry

PE Packaging used in the Beauty Industry

Trash bags roll

Trash bags are indispensable products in beauty salons, hair salons, and nail salons for careful collection of waste. Currently, the most popular type of trash bag is the roll type with clear tear lines and high durability. Datthanhplastic’s roll trash bags are also chosen by many beauty industry businesses for their flexibility, safety, and variety of sizes and types.

Spa liner

Spa liners are very popular products in foreign nail salons. Their purpose is to line the tubs and sinks used in nail salons to maintain hygiene, prevent the spread of diseases, and save time cleaning after each customer. Spa liners are the main product line manufactured in large quantities by DTI, and they are used in many nail salons in countries such as the US, UK, and Australia.

Nylon gloves

Nylon gloves are an essential product for those in the beauty industry who often come into contact with chemicals, detergents, etc. They protect the skin, health, and hygiene of the hands.

DTI – Quality PE packaging manufacturer

DTI is a 25+ years experienced manufacturer of PE packaging, with thousands of customers. Dat Thanh Plastic is a reputable supplier of PE packaging for the beauty industry for many years. We commit to:

  • Ensure delivery of agreed-upon size, style, and quantity
  • Timely delivery, uniform quality, and no defects
  • Safe and durable products made from 100% virgin raw materials
  • Large-capacity factory located in Long Hau IP
  • Imported equipment from Europe with modern technology.
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PE Packaging Manufacturer

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