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Nhà cung cấp túi chứa rác thực phẩm – Quốc tế Đạt Thành

Nhà cung cấp túi chứa rác thực phẩm – Quốc tế Đạt Thành

Nhà cung cấp túi chứa rác thực phẩm – Quốc tế Đạt Thành

For many years now, the problem of waste is gradually becoming a pain. The question is how to handle them when the amount of garbage is increasing. Especially for food waste, the nutrient content accumulates and rot easily. Becoming home to many species of disease-causing organisms. To solve this problem, the food garbage bag is the top priority.

Provide bulk food waste bags - DTI plastic

DTI Plastic - a unit specializing in the production of bulk food waste bags, has long experience in the plastic industry. DTI Plastic is a company that always applies modern technology in production, helping to minimize the impact on the environment.

Garbage is raging in our fresh air. The unintended harms of waste generate many pathogens such as factory waste, medical waste, industrial waste ... Especially food waste.

Food waste bag

Currently, the management and treatment of food waste are still facing many difficulties in many countries. Realizing that, DTI Plastic has pioneered the production of food waste bags to solve very difficult problems in the market.

DTI Plastic owns advanced and specialized technical equipment. The mass production line can supply large quantities according to all customer requirements. DTI's production process always ensures safety, quickly and especially minimizes the impact on the natural environment.

Food waste bags - DTI plastic

How to handle food waste

The solution here is food waste bags - tough, durable ability to store all kinds of food waste. Not only that, DTI Plastic designs large and wide products that can hold many foods at the same time. Durability and toughness are quite good, can be assured to move without fear of tearing, perforation. Customers just need to put garbage in and move them to a place for disposal. This is a very effective solution for all countries to deal with the problem of environmental pollution. Bring green, clean and beautiful life to the city and residential spaces.

DTI Plastic - a leading company specializing in providing all kinds of plastic products. Customers are looking for a reputable food waste bag supplier. Come to us and contact hotline: 0971 885 053 (Viber) for support and advice to buy

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